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How to correct the time if ADSS Server time does not match with the machine time?


On one out of a hundred installations of the ADSS Server, the ADSS Server gets the wrong timezone information. It was learnt that Java platform has an issue on certain Windows machines where it fails to correctly interpret the timezone configured on the operating system. For details of this problem, you can also have a look at the following link:


A workaround to this problem is available within ADSS Server. The ADSS Server system properties can be updated to include information on the timezone that should be used on a specific ADSS Server machine regardless of what timezone Java gets on this machine. Follow these instructions to make the required configurations:

  1. Open the ADSS Server console.
  2. Go to location Global Settings > Advanced Settings.
  3. From the Property Type drop down select General.
  4. Search for the property ADSS_TIME_ZONE and click on its value to edit it.
  5. Set the value of this property to a required timezone e.g. UCT, GMT, Zulu etc.
  6. Click on save button to update the new value.
  7. Restart the ADSS Core, Console and Service instances from Windows NT Services panel or UNIX daemon in order to take the changes into effect.

What timezone values are to be used in the file?

Timezone values listed in attached text file can be used in ADSS Server as explained in above article.

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