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When I change the From-date range it still shows the management report that was loaded previously, why?

This problem occurs because Internet Explorer (IE) shows the cached web pages for Management Reporting. IE can be tuned to check for newer version of the stored pages so that the cached pages are not loaded again. Follow the instructions below to change the settings:

  1. Launch IE
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options
  3. Go to General tab
  4. Click on Settings under Browsing History
  5. Select the option "Every time I visit the webpage" and generate the report again in order to resolve the problem.

How to add new fonts in Linux distributions OS?

Follow the below steps to add the fonts in Linux:

 1) Download RPM Installation File

Typically, a web browser is used to locate and download a .rpm file. However, if a browser is not available you can still download a file if you know where it’s located. To install the Tahoma fonts in Linux distributions OS you need to download them first by using the link: You may need to install a software tool called Wget. In order to install Wget in CentOS, enter the following in a terminal window:

sudo yum install wget

To install Wget in Fedora, enter the following:

sudo dnf install wget

Install EPEL-release rpm:

# rpm -Uvh epel-release*rpm

Now, you can use the Wget command to download the .rpm file you want. Enter the following:


The system should reach out to the website and download the file to your current working directory.

Download latest EPEL-release RPM from:

2) Install RPM File on Linux


Install RPM File Using RPM Command. To install a .rpm package in CentOS Linux, please enter the following:

sudo rpm –i wine-tahoma-fonts-3.0.2-1.el7.noarch.rpm


The –i switch informs that it needs to install the package.


Install RPM File With Yum. Alternately, you can use the Yum package manager to install .rpm files.


Install wine-tahoma-fonts rpm package:

# yum install wine-tahoma-fonts

sudo yum wine-tahoma-fonts-3.0.2-1.el7.noarch.rpm


You can check the installed file path:


3) Restart the ADSS Services

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