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Obtaining a Dropbox Consumer Key

A Dropbox connector can be configured in SigningHub Admin by configuring the App Key and App Secret.

To obtain these keys, follow the instructions:-

  • Under Choose an API, select Dropbox API
  • Under Choose the type of access you need, select App folder or Full Dropbox, depending on your needs
  • Fill the Name your app field and Click Create app button:

Set your Callback URL

  • A new Dropbox API app will be created with the specified name as shown below
  • The "Redirect URls" field is used to push the documents from your SigningHub account to Dropbox. Specify the callback URL SigningHub Web and click the "Add" button. For example if your SigningHub site is "" then the redirect URL will be:

To configure the Dropbox in SigningHub Admin, follow the link of the admin guide: Dropbox Connector