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How SigningHub is better than manual paper based signing process? 

Paper based signing process wastes both your time and money. For more details on this, read our white paper "The Real Cost of Paper based Signatures" which explains the difference. 

How SigningHub is different from other signing solutions? 

SigningHub is unique in combining strong, long-term digital signatures and advanced PKI e-trust services with the latest cloud-based technologies to deliver an easy to use and cost-effective solution. There are certain elements due to which SigningHub has got a clear distinction on its competitors, see details. 

Does SigningHub offer any free account for trial purpose? 

Yes. SigningHub provides free accounts that allow up to 5 digital signatures on a monthly basis. However, when your signing requirements go beyond the free quota limit, you may buy any of the commercial service plans to continue using the SigningHub services without any interruption, see details. 

What is the difference between free and paid accounts? 

Feature wise there is no difference between the free and paid accounts. However, the free accounts allow a limited quota of SigningHub services (see details), while there are plenty of variations in the paid accounts to choose the right service plan that will best suit your business requirements. Check out the list of SigningHub off-the-shelf service plans.

Is it legal to use the digital or electronic signatures in a document? 

Yes, they are legal in US, UK, Portugal and in most of the countries in Europe. Check your country's legal regulations to know more.

Tell me if the SigningHub GUI is multilingual or just available in English? 

SigningHub supports more than 20 international languages, i.e. English, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, French, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Norwegian, Romanian, etc. Stay tuned for more languages support in the coming releases. Contact us if you are interested in the translated GUIs other than the supported languages.  

What features does SigningHub provide?

SigningHub provides multilingual support, enhanced data encryption, easy document management, easy account management and monitoring, multiple formats of documents to PDF conversion, sharing templates and much more. For more details, click here if you are using SigningHub v7, or click here if you are using any older version of SigningHub.


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