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Obtaining a MaxMind License Key

MaxMind service is used to send Push Notifications on a mobile device and if you wish to enable the Push Notification from SigningHub then a MaxMind License Key is required which can be obtained by following these steps:

  • To generate a new license key, go to Service > My License Key and click Generate new license key button as shown below:

  • Confirm generation of new licence key screen will be displayed. Click the Confirm button to get the key as shown below:

  • Once you confirmed, a new license key will be created successfully.
  • The License Key and Account/User ID will be displayed as shown in the image below:


It may take up to five minutes for this new key to be activated.

To configure the MaxMind in SigningHub, you are required to create a connector in SigningHub Admin. For details, follow the link to user guide: Maxmind GeoIP Connector