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There can be a number of reasons why PDF Sign&Seal cannot be activated:

  1.  Error code “623”. This means that communications with the online Ascertia License server are blocked or not working for some other reasonreasons.  This It may be occasionally blocked by a corporate firewall. This may also be due to proxy issues, so try configuring the proxy settings in the PDF Sign&Seal (i.e. go to PDF Sign&Seal Preferences > Connection pane, select Use proxy and Use Internet Explorer proxy settings options. Now go to Internet Explorer connection settings page, enable the proxy server and insert the Proxy server IP with port ) if operating from behind a proxy machine.  It may also be occasionally blocked by a corporate firewall.  
  2.  If machine is not on proxy, in this case Open  PDF Sign&Seal > Preferences > Connection > uncheck the Use Proxy option. 
  3. Error code “624”. This means that the number of allowed activations for the license serial number that was entered have been fully used.  Additional licenses may be required.  Send and email to for more information.

While deactivating PDF Sign&Seal I get an error, what should I do?