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Welcome to our FAQs page, it . It is a virtual store of information regarding Ascertia products. Click the relevant product to discover the underlying set of facts, assumptions, and rules to solve your problem.  


ADSS Server

ADSS Server provides comprehensive digital signature creation, verification and time-stamping services to any online application needing to trust documents and data that it sends out or receives. It is one server product but marketed under various names depending on the modules selected. Learn more...


SigningHub is a cloud based, online document signing solution for any business or industrial sector. It does not only provide e-signatures but also allows the gold standard ‘PAdES LTV’ based digital signatures via desktop, tablets and mobile. Learn more...



 PDF Sign&Seal

PDF Sign&Seal is a desktop application that makes it easy to apply PDF digital signatures, time-stamps and strong PDF encryption to business documents. It has been carefully designed for the busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. Using PDF Sign&Seal anyone can easily create, sign or protect business documents. Learn more...

Certificate Center

Buy low cost code signing certificates, SSL certificates, SSL wild card certificates, timestamping certificates, IPSec certificates and email signing certificates. Ascertia provides some of the lowest prices for digital certificates available on the web to help people to test, develop and use PKI solutions. Learn more...