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Can I use the product once the trial period is over?

Once the 30 day trial trial period is over, you have to either activate the product or stop using it.

Can I copy the License folder to another system and activate the product?

No, you cannot copy the license folder of PDF Sign&Seal from one machine to another. The license of PDF Sign&Seal is per user and tied to a particular machine.

Can I migrate a PDF Sign&Seal license from one machine to another?

PDF Sign&Seal v4.2.0 or later allows you to deactivate the license (use the PDF Sign&Seal Help > Deactivate License option).  Now install PDF Sign&Seal on another machine and


PDF Signer Server is marketing term given to ADSS Server when supplied with PDF signing and/or PDF signature verification modules. PDF Signer Server brings advanced digital signature and time-stamping capability to PDF documents and forms using a server-side solution. In this case the signature is created on the server. This can be done in an automated way or on demand through a web services interface.  ADSS Server also allows client-side signatures to be applied to PDFs through the use of the ADSS Go>Sign applet.  This is an ideal solution when the signing keys are held locally by the user (on smartcard, USB token or in software).  Using the Go>Sign applet within a web-browser has a real benefit to external workflows since no signing software is required to exist on end user systems.   

PDF Sign&Seal is a standalone desktop application that makes it easy to use digital signatures, time-stamps and strong encryption on business documents. It is expected to be used with an organization and it has been carefully designed for use by busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. Using PDF Sign&Seal anyone can easily create, sign or protect a business documents. 

Both applications work without any need to purchase Adobe® licenses.


Create backup of "AppSettings.xml"

use the deactivated serial number to activate the product once again.  Once PDF Sign&Seal is deactivated, it will not work on the original machine. For further information, please email your questions to

Online activation is failing for me, what can I do?

If you are unable to activate PDF Sign&Seal even after configuring the proxy settings and you wish to manually activate the product then send both the Authorization Codes along with the Serial Number to  Support will respond with further information and activation keys.

I am unable to activate PDF Sign&Seal

There can be a number of reasons why PDF Sign&Seal cannot be activated:

  1.  Error code “623”. This means that communications with the online Ascertia License server are blocked or not working for some other reason.  This may be due to proxy issues, so try configuring the proxy settings in the PDF Sign&Seal (i.e. PDF Sign&Seal Preferences > Connection pane) if operating from behind a proxy machine.  It may also be occasionally blocked by a corporate firewall.
  2.  Error code “624”. This means that the number of allowed activations for the license serial number that was entered have been fully used.  Additional licenses may be required.  Send and email to for more information.

While deactivating PDF Sign&Seal I get an error, what should I do?

There can be multiple reasons behind the failure to deactivate the PDF Sign&Seal:

  1. Error code “101” or “103”. These errors care causes by communication difficulties with the Ascertia License server. Please wait for 10 minutes or if you see the problem recurring then consult Ascertia support via email (
  2. Error code “102”. This also means there is a problem communicating with the online Ascertia License server but is likely to be due to proxy issues.  Try configuring the proxy settings in the PDF Sign&Seal (i.e. PDF Sign&Seal Preferences > Connection pane).