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When the target certificate chain is built up to the registered self-signed Root CA certificate, and the intermediate CA certificate(s) are not registered within the Trust Manager module, then the revocation of such non-registered CAs is discovered by using a non registered CA policy (configured within the Verification profileProfile > Advanced Settings). ADSS server Server also provides the flexibility to choose a certificate validation mechanism from CDP, AIA and configured OCSP addresses. The verification profile can be configured through Verification Service> Verification Profiles> Advanced Settings tab.

How to enhance existing signatures by using ADSS Verification Service?


  1. Go to ADSS-Client-SDK/ API/ apidocs/ adss/ index.html

  2. For more details, see the "setReturnUpdatedSignature()" method of the "com.ascertia.adss.client.api.verification.SignatureVerificationRequest" class.