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Nowadays, it’s getting a common practice in several organisations where a few employees have to work on multiple positions to run their organisational business. For instance, an official can be a General Manager and also a Procurement Manager at the same time to execute the business processes of their company. In this way a person may serve in more than one fiduciary capacity where applicable.

To facilitate this requirement, SigningHub allows a person to sign in with multiple capacities. For this, different certification profiles (allowed in your service plan) are configured in an enterprise user role, where each certification profile refers to a distinct signing capacity. The enterprise user role when assigned to a user, lets them to choose their desired capacity before signing a document, and the related certificate will be used in their signature. 


These are the prerequisites to be able to sign a document with more than one signing capacity in SigningHub:

  • User registration with SigningHub;
  • SigningHub enterprise account with a service plan that includes multiple certification profiles;
  • Configuration of an enterprise user role with the required signing capacities
  • Assigning the enterprise user role (with multiple signing capacities) to the specific user(s)

Step-by-step Configuration Guide

Signing with more than one capacity entails configuration at three levels, i.e. ADSS Server Certification ServiceSigningHub Administration, and SigningHub Enterprise Administration settings. Here are the steps as how to configure this feature for an enterprise user:

  1. ADSS Server Configurations
  2. SigningHub Admin Configurations
  3. SigningHub Enterprise Account - User Role Configurations
  4. Provision in Signing Dialog
  5. View Audit Trail After Signing