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How do I renew my code signing key that is expired

You are required to request a new code signing certificate and to sign your code again with this certificate.

How to download my digital certificate

  1. Visit Certification authority site at
  2. Click on “Logon / Register” button to Logon to “Certificate Centre” and type your registered email address / password.
  3. After successful login, click on 'View Cart' right below your name.
  4. on View Cart page, you can download any of your free certificates.

When importing codesigning certificate using java 2 SDK “keytool”, the following error occurs “Keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Failed to establish chain from reply”

Please import "Ascertia Public CA 1" and Ascertia Root CA 2 certificates to establish trust chain of code signing cert. Before you import your code signing certificate issued from Ascertia Free CA in the key store, you can download these Certificates from the following web links:

How to convert .pfx (PKCS#12) to a .spc and .pvk files

Using OpenSSL, you can convert a .PFX (PKCS#12) file to a .spc and .pvk file. To download OpenSSL you can use the links as below:

Syntax: $\>openssl pkcs12 -in {path to pfx file} -nocerts -nodes -out {path to pem_key (private key) output file}
Example: $\>openssl pkcs12 -in "E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.pfx" -nocerts -nodes -out E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1_key.pem

Password: {Type the password of your PFX and press enter button}  

Syntax: $\> pvk -in {Path to pem file} -topvk -out {path to pvk_key output file}
Example: $\> pvk -in E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.pem -topvk -out E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.pvk
Syntax: $\> openssl pkcs12 -in {Path to pfx file} -nokeys -out {Path to pem certificate (public key file)}
Example: $\> openssl pkcs12 -in E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.pem -nokeys -out E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1_cert.pem

Password: {Type the password of your PFX and press enter button}

Syntax: $\> openssl crl2pkcs7 -nocrl -certfile {path to pem_certs-file} -outform DER -out {path to spc output file}
Example: $\> openssl crl2pkcs7 -nocrl -certfile E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.pem -outform DER -out E:\Ascertia\codesigning\certs\codesigning1.spc


How to export my private keys from Internet Explorer

  1. Our digital certificates System is issuing a certificate with private key (in PKCS#12 format). You can get your certificate with private key from Certificate Transactions area under Certificate Centre section of Ascertia web site.
  2. To export your PFX from internet explorer keystore follow the steps as below:
  3. Open Internet explorer
  4.  Click on “Tools >> Internet Options”, “Internet Options” dialogue windows will be open
  5. Click on “Content” tab
  6. Click on “Certificate” button, Certificates dialogue window will open
  7. Click the Personal tab and select the certificate to be extracted and click on Export button
  8. “Certificate Export Wizard” starts, select “Yes, export the private key”
  9. Follow the wizard and choose destination location on your disk and type a file name to save your private key.
  10. You will get your-key.pfx file containing your public and private keys for the selected certificate.

When importing certificate using Java 2 SDK "keytool" the following error occurs: error keytool: java.lang.Exception: Entry is not an X.509 certificate

It seems that the contents of your saved.p7b (certificate information store) or .cer (certificate file) are not valid. Are you able to open and view the .p7b or .cert file that you are trying to import? Copy the contents of certificate started from “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to -----END CERTIFICATE-----” and paste in Notepad, remove all of the spaces, save it as text (.txt) document and rename the file extension from .txt to .p7b or .cer , this will resolve your problem.

How to request to revoke a digital certificate issued by Ascertia CA

There is no revocation mechanism supported for Digital Certificate, however if you want to revoke your digital certificate, send a signed email to with the details about your certificate to be revoked and we will analyze the request.

Revocation mechanism will be available soon for Low cost digital certificates.


How to configure MS Outlook to send secure Emails

To configure MS outlook to send secure emails follow the steps as below:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Click on 'File' menu, select 'Options' and Outlook Options screen will be displayed.
  2. Click on 'Trust Center' from left panel, click on 'Trust Center Settings' button and Trust Center screen will be displayed.
  3.  Click on 'Email Security' from left panel. Now click on 'Import/Export' button and 'Import/Export Digital ID' screen will be displayed. Now select 'Import existing Digital ID from a file' option, browse and select your .pfx file, enter your .pfx file password in Password field of  'Import/Export Digital ID' screen, and press OK button to save settings.
  4. Now on Trust Center screen, check 'Add digital signature to outgoing messages' option under Encrypted e-mail and click OK button to save settings.
  5. Now on Outlook Options screen, click OK button to save settings.

New email message:

  1. Compose a new email in Outlook.
  2.  Before to send the message, click the options button in the new message window. (Alternately, select Options from the View menu in the new message window).Click the check boxes for the options you want (either Sign, Encrypt, or both).Send the message. The message will show up in Outlook with small icons denoting that it has been signed or encrypted.

Before sending an encrypted email you must have certificate of that person which you want to send encrypted email. To get this, have them send you a signed email. In outlook, open the email and then right click on the person’s email address, and select the option to add them to your contact list. Their key will be automatically added to the list of people you can decrypt from.

Decrypting Email from other people:

 Save Digital Certificate from signed email:

Add new contact in outlook contacts and associate the certificate:

 When you receive a signed message, you can save the digital certificate of sender in your Contacts List. You first need to click on the signed icon represented as ?? 

Where can I get the Ascertia Root CA certificate from

You can download the Ascertia Root CA certificate from the following link:

How to get a Code Signing Certificate for Trial

  Follow these steps:

How to buy a Code Signing Certificate

 Follow these steps: