Table of Contents

Configuring Apache LDAP Server for publishing Certificates/CRL 

Follow these instructions to configure the ADSS Server to publish Certificate/CRLs to an LDAP Directory:

Steps to configure connection in Apache Directory Studio:

  1. Download the ApacheDS from Apache Directory website:
  2. Download the Apache Directory Studio from Apache Directory website:
  3. Install the Apache DS and Apache Directory Studio
  4. Upon launch the Apache Directory Studio will show this screen:

  5. Right click on the Connections panel and select the option New Connection
  6. Enter the required credentials as shown:
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the Authentication Method and provide the authentication parameter and test them by clicking the button check Authentication:
  9. When Authentication is successful then click on Finish button:
  10. Right click on the newly configured Connection and select the option Open Configuration:

  11. After clicking Open Connections, this configuration is shown:

  12. Click on the Advanced Partitions configurations, the following screen will be shown:

  13. Click the Add button to set new partition and in the Suffix text field enter the RDNs value with which you want to make partition e.g. OU=Test, O=Ascertia, C =GB
  14. Save the settings by Ctrl+ S or click the save icon on the menu toolbar

  15. Restart the Apache DS from the windows NT-Services.
  16. Refresh the Apache Directory Studio. Now the newly added partition will be shown: 

Note: Only those certificates will be published on this configured LDAP server which contains the same RDNs as the configured partitions.

ADSS Server Settings:

  1. Launch the ADSS Server Console.
  2. Navigate to Manage CAs > Configure Local CAs
  3. Edit your relevant CA e.g. ADSS Samples Test CA
  4. Under the LDAP Publishing Settings enter the LDAP server credentials as shown:
  5. Click on Test button to verify credentials
  6. Click on Publish CRL Now button to save and Publish CRL.